Cool, sexy, healthy ... but how do Californians?

    By Peggy Frey | On January 4, 2016


                                 LA is adopted touch


It is full of softness, comfort, well-being. It's a comforting mode, which relies on the quality of contents. The king of the shirt made n Los Angeles? Whoever puts all Californians agree: James Perse. In 1994, California launched its brand; Today, his label is the darling of all the followers of cool and James has extended its range to dresses, shirts and cool pants (interior pants ... well, sweat!). It is no secret that Los Angeles is the Mecca of jeans: 75% of premium quality jeans are produced there.Among the cult brands, we accept, of course, Current / Elliott and his jeans washout absolutely perfect! For more fancy, the focus is on the brand Hudson Jeans (palm print template is to die for). 

Dozens of other brands made n LA gradually invade the shelves of the most advanced concept stores in the world. Among them, Anine Bing and mini-shorts denim (the charlie boots nails also worth a visit), Achro, a brand new chic minimalist label (special mention for trench coats pastel color), and The Squad, ultra-confidential brand at conceptual trend growing! Good news: all these brands obviously engaged in France. 


Finally, very special mention for The Reformation: the made n label that appeals THE VIP planet. Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss ... do swear by the fashion brand created by Yael Aflalo. The peculiarity of this label? Suggest an ultra-desirable fashion, entirely green and handmade in Los Angeles. The brand's slogan is clear: "We make killer clothes That do not kill the environment. "Translation:" We make clothes that tear without damaging the environment. "The best-sellers: the dresses (short, long, draped, plain, patterned ...) and the famous sweatshirt tribute to Cindy Crawford, which was last seen worn by all the it girls.


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