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15 Fave Shop Owners' Spring Fashion Picks

FEB 9, 2014 7:00 AM


Let's face the facts: Much of the country is up to its knees in slush, and a very reliable and climate-attuned rodent has confirmed you may as well get used to it — thanks a lot, Punxsutawney Phil. Yes, it's a long, chilly road to March 20. And, while you could spend the next few weeks wallowing in your winter blues, you could also be proactive and spend this time plotting your grand sartorial entrance into spring. Ready for that glorious awakening? We thought so. That's why we reached out to 15 of our favorite shop owners from around the world to find out exactly what their best bets are for warmer-weather buys. 

From Brooklyn to Rio de Janeiro to Portland, Paris, and back, these boutique owners and buyers have not only seen it all, but they've also predicted what they think will sell. And, this is advice you've gotta trust — a unique combination of experience and skill at overcoming challenges makes this group of tastemakers exceptionally intuitive. So, now that spring deliveries have begun trickling into stores (we know, crazy!), we're sharing this savvy set's favorite fashion picks — they're just the inspirational jumping-off point we need as we look to sunnier days ahead.

Achro Slouchy Drape Front Jacket, $120, available at AnthomFinders Keepers Leaf Print Boxy Crop Top. $95, available at Anthom.

"The perfect spring jacket — it's lightweight with a slouchy silhouette that adds a little edge to any outfit. It's a piece from the first collection of L.A.-based brand Achro. The duo of talented designers (one of whom hails from Alexander Wang) caught our eye with their minimalist and affordable designs." —Ashley Turchin, cofounder, Anthom, Washington, D.C.

"This top combines all of my favorite elements into one shirt: structure, color, and print; versatility (can be easily worn with pleated trousers or jeans); and a modern, boxy silhouette. It’s designed by one of our favorite Aussie labels, Finders Keepers.” —Carla Cabrera, cofounder, Anthom, Los Angeles, CA

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