French artist, Caroline Denervaud uses motion as a way of painting form onto paper. After studying dance at the Laban Center de Londres, she continued her studies at at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Studio Berçot. This path was only the beginning of a continuous and intrinsic search for Caroline, which is undoubtedly sensed in each work from her vast and growing collection. 

Caroline’s background expands far beyond her current emphasis in painting and illustration by experimentation with other art forms, such as textile design, embroidery, and engraving. Despite her expanding skill-sets acquired, it wasn’t until 2014 when she had returned back to dance, her original form of expression, though now interpreted through her art in an entirely new way. It was this rediscovery of entire-body movement onto paper that had allowed Caroline to further develop now this more personal connection to her work. In each of her works, there is first the "trace" drawn as a result of her passage danced on paper, and after, she paints over this trace as a completion to the organically drawn composition. "My work is a research, intimate, experimental; a letting go. In movement or in painting, I look for that moment when the balance is in imbalance and vice versa".

Today she is exhibited in France and abroad. She collaborates with artists on various projects: sets, textile creation, performance, photography, and videos, to name just a few. Caroline is represented by “Galerie Nord” in Lille, “Moving-Art” in Nice and “Otomys” in both Australia and England. For looking further into her work, she shares her research daily through Instagram under the account handle, "ideih".

-All Information on Caroline taken from her website, viewable here.





As it is a privilege and an honor to work with Caroline Denervaud, we are thrilled to showcase this as our first ever collaboration. Displayed above are six original pieces painted by Caroline specific to our Fall / Winter 2018 collection.

We can go on about drawing the parallels, especially important to current topics today such as the female condition, but the fundamental idea behind collaborating with Caroline was to simply present key underlying aspects to Mijeong Park design as shared by Caroline with her work. With color and form playing vital roles across all art forms, we wanted to land there in bridging that fundamental comparison between our personal work and our varying media. Art as inspiration, past and current, has always been the starting point for Mijeong.

So as a true fan of Caroline’s work, we are proud to display this brief six piece series of original artwork to you alongside our current collection. We invite you to browse through our FW18 collection in light of what Caroline brings uniquely to the clothing. Thank you for taking part in this exciting moment for us, and we hope that you enjoy this juxtaposition between art and fashion as much as we do.